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Description strength stainless steel screws

Description strength stainless steel screws
    First explain the material under deformation. The deformation into elastic deformation (force withdrawal can resume its original shape) and plastic deformation (force withdrawal can not restore the original shape, shape change)
Some steel products (such as high carbon steel) without significant yield phenomenon, usually occurring trace amounts of plastic deformation (0.2%), the stress as the yield strength of steel, known as the yield strength conditions.
    When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, deformation increases rapidly, this time in addition to produce elastic deformation, but also produce some plastic deformation. When the stress reaches point B, a sharp increase in plastic strain, curves a volatile small platform, a phenomenon known as the yield. This phase of the maximum and minimum stress are called the yield point and lower yield points. As the next yield point values are more stable, and therefore resistance to it as an indicator material, called yield point or yield strength (σs or σ0.2).
    a, for the phenomenon of apparent material yield, the yield strength is the stress at the yield point (yield value); b, the yield is not obvious in the material, and the stress - strain the limits of deviation of the linear relationship between the required value (typically 0.2% permanent deformation), the stress. Mechanics of solid materials typically used for evaluation of mechanical properties, the actual use of the material limit. Because the materials produced necking after yielding, the strain increases, and the material lost its original function.

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