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How to clean stainless steel screws?

How to clean stainless steel screws?

Use: Stainless steel screws cleaning agent
Using the ratio :2-4kg cleaning agent / 100kg Screw

1. Cleaning 303,304,316 stainless steel screws, directly to the syrup into the grinding machine screws with stainless steel screws with grinding. Until clean, are generally required 3-30 minutes (depending on oil level standard).
2. Cleaning stainless steel screws screws 667,201,202,418, etc.; the syrup into the grinding machine, grinding together with screws, black stainless steel screws to be ground after 5-10 minutes, then add the other to screw a small amount of cleaning agent albinism (taking 0.5-1kg of the cleaning agent and add 3-5 times after the water absorbed into the ground against the machine) to be stopped immediately after the screw back to the white ground, and rinse with water. Then the next process can be - → polishing

1. Operation must wear rubber gloves and Woo mirror.
2. If you do not accidentally splash on the skin, then rinse with water immediately.

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