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The difference between screws and bolts

The difference between screws and bolts

First, the stainless steel screws, Features: Because it is stainless steel, it is particularly hard. And a lot of stainless steel components,

So many different materials will produce stainless steel screws, for example: 304 stainless steel screws, 316L stainless steel screws, etc.

We can provide complete specifications, and availability of stainless steel screws and bolts.

Second, the difference between screws and bolts: The main is the user's habit of talking, and also that the screw is generally relatively small size,

The bolt is that relatively large size.

Third, the purchase of screws and bolts need to pay attention to the question: buy stainless steel screw material the most important issue is the problem,

Different materials screws (bolts), several times the price difference, so be careful not to screw the price is concerned, but also

Note that the bolt material and quality.

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