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Classification screwdriver

Classification screwdriver

Screwdriver can be divided into: ordinary screwdriver, combination screwdriver, electric screwdriver, watch screwdriver.
Were given the following description:
1, ordinary screwdriver

Is first made with the screwdriver handle, easy to prepare, as long as you can use out, but there are many different screw length and diameter, and sometimes need to prepare for a lot of branches of different screwdriver.

2, the combination screwdriver

A screwdriver to separate head and handle screwdriver, to install different types of screws, simply replace the head screwdriver can be, do not bring large screwdriver. Benefit is to save space, but easily lost screwdriver head.

3, watch screwdriver

Are precision screwdriver, commonly used in the repair of watches and clocks, hand bands, so there is this one said.

4, electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver, electric motor instead of the name suggests is to manually install and remove the screws, usually combined screwdriver.

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