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New Products: anti-theft screws

New Products: anti-theft screws

a, anti-theft function, in many uses of outdoor products, anti-theft screws, because in the outdoors, there are many shortcomings in the management, use of anti-theft screws to significantly reduce the unnecessary loss. For example: the security fence in the outdoor screws are widely used.

b, safeguarding the interests of merchants, businessmen in their own products, the use anti-theft screws. For example: Nine Yang's many products on the use of anti-theft screws, his main role is to prevent casual removal products users in the maintenance of products to better determine the cause.

c, easy to use, use the special wrench to install, without the need for special and complex tools, manufacturers will be equipped with special tools to customers, so there is no need to worry about installation issues.

d, elegant appearance.


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