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Magnetic stainless steel fasteners problems

Magnetic stainless steel fasteners problems

   Fasteners there are various types of manufacturing materials, including stainless steel fasteners image more texture in appearance, have good performance in strength and corrosion resistant, easy to manufacture, the advantages of a good weld. Stainless steel fasteners can be electroplating or heat treatment can achieve better performance, while hundred percent recycled.

    Stainless steel fasteners as a material, it can be said in terms of manufacture, use or handling of a great advantage in all links, so although stainless steel fasteners to the cost of the material itself

High, relatively short life cycle, but the solutions in fasteners, but still is a relatively save.

    If you use stainless steel fasteners as the main material, the stainless steel itself, but also look at the magnetic problem. Stainless steel is generally not considered are magnetic, but in fact

    Austenitic series of materials after a certain post-processing technology is likely to be a certain magnetism, but magnetism is to determine if this connection that the quality of stainless steel fasteners standard is not accurate.

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