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The magnetic stainless steel fasteners

The magnetic stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners, usually non-magnetic; by the cold, some magnetic properties may be obvious.

Ability of various magnetic properties of materials are also suitable for stainless steel. Only be possible under vacuum completely non-magnetic. Magnetic permeability of materials is measured relative to the material in the vacuum permeability μr, if μr close to 1, then the material has low permeability.

For example: A2 [μr ≈ 1.8] A4 [μr ≈ 1.015] A4L [μr ≈ 1.005] F1 [μr ≈ 5]

The strength of the magnetic steel alloy and is closely related to:

Magnetic formula: MD30 = 551-462 * (CN) -9.2 * Si-8.1 * Mn-13.7 * Cr-29 * (Ni Cu) -18.5 * mo smaller this value is smaller magnetic.

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