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Screwdriver type

Screwdriver type
1, ordinary screwdriver is made with the head of the screwdriver handle, easy to prepare, just out, you can use, but there are a variety of screw length and diameter, and sometimes need to prepare for a lot of branches of different screwdrivers.
2, Combined screwdriver, a screwdriver to separate head and handle screwdriver, to install different types of screws, just replace the head screwdriver can be, do not bring large screwdriver. The advantage of saving space, but easily lost screwdriver head.
3, electric screwdriver, electric screwdriver, electric motors instead of the name suggests is to manually install and remove the screws, usually is a combination of screwdrivers.
4, watch screwdriver, precision screwdriver is commonly used in the repair of the strap-type watch, so there is this one called.
5, Little Diamond screwdriver, handle and head size than the commonly used length of the screw with a small, non-watch screwdriver.
The shape of its structure, usually the following: 1, straight. This is the most common. 2, L-shaped. Prevalent in the hexagonal screwdriver, use the long rod to increase the torque, so more effort. 3, T-shaped. Automotive industry used more often.

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