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Stainless steel set screw

Description:SUS304 Hexagon socket set screws DIN913 / GB77 / ISO4026

Stainless steel set screw

Standard: DIN913/DIN914/DIN915/DIN916

Material: SUS303 SUS302 SUS316

Stainless steel set screw, also known as stainless steel or stainless steel screws stopped without a head screws, used in various types of assembly areas, fit not emerge after the face, and can withstand higher torque.

In addition to customized stainless steel set screw, the normal production and sales of stainless steel set screw are:
SUS304 Hexagon socket set screws DIN913 / GB77 / ISO4026

SUS316 Hexagon socket set screws DIN916 / GB80 / ISO4029

Stainless Steel Hexagon socket set screws DIN915/ISO4028-76/GB79-85 column

Hexagon socket set screw DIN914/ISO4027-85/GB78-85 tip

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