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Metal alloy steel is steel in in addition to containing Huo and manganese as a metal alloy chemical element or taking off an oxygen chemical element, also imply an other metal alloy chemical element(like the chrome, Nie, Mu, Fan, titanium, copper, Wu, aluminum, cobalt, Ni, Gao and other chemical element etc.), have of still imply the steel of some and nonmetal chemical element(like Peng, nitrogen...etc.).According to metal alloy chemical element content in steel of how much, can is divided into a low metal alloy steel again, medium metal alloy steel and Gao metal alloy steel.

Though the pure gold belong to have a good tenacity, very high transmit heat sex and electrical conductivity, the pure gold belong to at application the aspect be subjected to very big of restriction.BE because can not find degree of hardness in the pure gold belong to, flexibility, strength etc. all very high metals material, but dissimilarity the metal alloy of the category the ability satisfy various of request.The reason that, the metal alloy belong to have than the pure gold more better of physics and machine function, in the national policy people's livelihood get extensive of application, is because of with it of inner part structure of category many, and can with artificial control this advantage inseparable.

So-called metal alloy is 2 kinds or more than two metals(or metals with nonmetal) Rong match but become of have metals characteristic of material.The cast iron, steel all belong to metal alloy.So-called metal alloy steel be just the right amount join 1 kind or a few kinds other chemical element but make into in the carbon vegetable the steel of have special function of steel.

People in common use"pare an iron like mire" description our country ancient times treasure knife of sharp with strong and tough, use "sword long grass", "green Feng", "knife flower"...etc. to description a double-edged sword, treasure knife of color and luster.The one mouthful sword covered up in the underground more than 2,300 year the still crystal light be flickering, not rusty.Speak of to make the person hard to believe, but also far from make out of nothing, say whatever comes to mind.More than 2,300 year agos spring autumn war country period more the usage of Wang2 Gou Jian4 lead of a double-edged sword now display in the National Museum of History.

In World War I, England troops first time usage tank, rush and swerve about madly on the battlefield, advance unopposed.But good the Jing be not long, soon British army's tank a per the ground was ruined by the Germanic Army's shell shot.

The ancient times has the treasure knife of "pare an iron like mire", the modern have have no hard don't urge of shell head, so these treasure thing from what material make into?This kind of material not is do not, it is a kind of metal alloy steel-Wu steel.

There is pike containing shield.Proper complacent time for German, British's deck to the tank again make improvement, to join in the steel material certain the chrome, manganese, Nie of content, Mu etc. chemical element, exaltation degree of hardness and strength of tank deck, far the non- German's Wu steel warhead ability ability deal with.At that time if German ability detection Fan steel of words, also needless frightened British's new tank, Fan steel the function be very strong and tough, using the shell head that it make into can shoot to wear 40 Li rices thick superior quality steel plate.Fully able destroy new tank in England.

Currently metal alloy steel in the world the category be quite a few, here no longer 11 raised, they just in the society the production of each realm in exertive should have of function.



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