stainless steel bolt
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  • stainless steel bolt
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    Stainless steel bolt : outside the hexagon bolt, cylinder head Hexagon screw (cup first), Hexagon concave side set screws (Au-side machine-processed rice), Hexagon-ping client set screws (flat-side machine-processed rice), cutting-edge tight Hexagon set screw (the-art machine-processed rice), Hexagon End-column set screws (End-column machine-processed rice), Shen Hexagon head screw (flat glass), semi-circular head Hexagon screw (round Cup), Cross slot machine pan head screws, Cross Shen head slot machine screws, Cross slot large flat head machine screws, pan head cross trough self-tapping screws, trough cross head self-tapping screws, Cross slot large flat head self-tapping screw, screw the whole tooth (teeth), the hexagonal nut flange nut, nylon nut, cover type nut, butterfly nut, flat washer, spring washers, serrated washers, etc. forelock. Stainless steel screw Hexagon .