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Screw method of corrosion

Description:Screw method of corrosion

Screw method of corrosion

The method of metal corrosion are mainly four areas, namely, control of the material itself, use of the environment, materials and environment interface and improved design of metal structures, the use of a completely corrosion resistant alloy to Zhizao screw, unless there are special needs, or in the economic point of which are unrealistic, or screw the surface environmental factors that cause corrosion participants complete isolation, in practice, does not seem feasible, may be very difficult. Improved metal structure design can in some circumstances the handicapped situation Zhi Ying Xiang, Dan Duoshu screw the design can not fully Xiugai, and Qi Baohuzuoyong is not permanent, Yin Cici method can not solve the problem, only INTERFACES corrosion , that is, anti-corrosion surface treatment is the most widely used method.

Surface corrosion treatment is the use of various methods applied in the metal surface protective layer, its role is to separate metal and corrosive environment, in order to suppress corrosion of the production process, or reduce the corrosive medium with the metal surface contact, and to prevent or aim to reduce corrosion. Protective layer should be able to meet the following requirements: 1. Corrosion, wear, high hardness, 2. Structure, the integrity, porosity, 3. And matrix metal-binding solid, good adhesive force, 4. Uniformly distributed and have a certain thickness. Protective layer is usually divided into two types of metal coatings and non-metallic coating, metal coating is stronger with the corrosion resistance of the metal or alloy corrosion in the metal surface easily forms a protective layer, this coating also known as coating. The method of metal plating and types of large, one of the most common method is electroplating, followed by the molten metal dip method (hot dip), and chemical surface treatment.

Non-metallic coating is the use of organic polymer materials such as paint, and inorganic materials such as ceramics, metal equipment or parts to form the surface protective layer, the protective layer can base metals and environmental media completely isolated to prevent contact with the base metal due to corrosion medium caused by corrosion.

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